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The Legend of Lady

The Legend of Lady (2024)

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The nine-tailed fox king Hua Yuan was sealed in a stone tablet by Yun Chenzi during the war. A hundred years later, in Lanling City, the kind and innocent girl Lingyun was waiting for her lover to propose marriage, but instead she was betrayed by her father and abandoned by her lover. Under the huge resentment, Lingyun’s blood tore the seal apart. The released Hua Yuan possessed Lingyun and led the other eight fox demons to establish the “East Girl City”. In order to completely get rid of Lingyun’s body, Hua Yuan set his sights on the seven-orificed exquisite heart of scholar Xu Wenliang. In order to make Xu Wenliang volunteer, Hua Yuan and her fox demons set many traps for Xu Wenliang. At the same time, Ye Qingyu and Zhou Chong, disciples of the Demon Suppression Department, also entered the East Girl City and participated in the melee… Xu Wenliang experienced various temptations of the fox demon without wavering, but fell in love with the true and kind-hearted Lingyun. In the end, Xu Wenliang sacrificed his life in order to save Lingyun and defeat the fox demon.

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