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Orc King

Orc King (2024)

222 votes, average 7.7 out of 10

The film tells the tale of an ancient beast known as the White Feilian, who survives a millennium of tribulation to ultimately become the God of Wind.

The young Feilian, originating from the mythical beast Feilian with a deer’s head and a bird’s body, seeks true love among human girls to get through the thousand-year tribulation. The heroine stumbles upon a forbidden area on a demon island, leading many women in their escape from the realm of demons, only to be assaulted by a bunch of bat demons.

Within the mysterious underground palace, a woman clad in red cries every night, guarding the dead; she turns out to be Feilian’s mother. In order to help her son get through the tribulation, she has wept unceasingly for a thousand years, her eyes turning into blood red.

The Feilian brothers, one black and one white, turn against each other, each determined to overcome their tribulation and become gods, engaging in a fierce battle in the sky that shakes the universe. In a moment of life and death, the bonds of kinship, love, and friendship summon the Triocular Flower, aiding the White Feilian to overcome the tribulation and ascend as the God of Wind.

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