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Master Qianhe

Master Qianhe (2024)

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In the chaotic Republic of China (1912 – 1949), the talented Master Long San received a missive asking him to subdue demons in Baotou. On his way, he encountered bandits’ robbery, and later he saved Xian, a creator of illusions, in an illuded town. In Baotou, Master Long San received guidance from the reclusive “Grey Taoist” and found his instruments robbed by the bandits in the pawnshop of Hai Gang. Those instruments allowed Master Long San to wake up Jinmei, the slumbering daughter of Hai Gang’s chief. While solving the child abduction cases committed by the fox spirits in the city, Master Long San found out that the whole operation was masterminded by Commander Yan, who had used the fox spirits to cover up his crime of trafficking children. Together with Jinmei and Xian, he raided Commander Yan’s residence. They overcame supernatural forces and revealed the truth so that justice prevailed, redeeming themselves and saving others in the process. Peace then returned to the world.

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Duration: 81 Min

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