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First Experience of Passionate Extrovert Woman

First Experience of Passionate Extrovert Woman (2024)

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Yeon-joo, a fitness trainer-turned-sexy adult actress who has been strengthened by exercise! Her straightforward, bold story and secret sex life, where men are constantly attracted, begin! Yeon-joo honestly reveals her secret private life, including her ideal type and hobby, which she has not talked about, as she likes alcohol and people, and her sexy body trained by her usual exercise. She talked about her first experience with a man for the first time and her honest feelings about her first shoot as an adult actress! In addition, she also shares her honest and bold story, which has never been heard anywhere else, including her honest feelings about her favorite male adult co-actor and her bad bed scenes. You can hear about the secret private life of the actress that you can’t hear anywhere else, such as her sexual preferences and her romance with a woman rather than an actor, her first experience as an adult actress, various field experiences, and her favorite sex positions.

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Duration: 63 Min

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